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Mira Bingo Review

All the while striving to give bingo players the opportunity to have fun in a cool and friendly environment, Mira Bingo combines a fantastic spectrum of games with great prizes in the form of real cash and bonuses. Seriously, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, straightforward bingo site that doesn’t beat about the bush, Mira Bingo is where you should be headed. Especially seeing as though you’ll get an exclusive, whopping no deposit welcome bonus of £20 when you click-through via Online Bingo Friends and sign up for a Mira Bingo account – as opposed to £15 for regular newbies – not to mention a total 900% bonus on your first three deposits.

When you really get down to it, good bingo sites are those that are lovely to look at, easy to use and most importantly, chockablock full of games. However, the best bingo sites possess these attributes, and more. And that’s exactly why we’re besotted with Mira Bingo.

First off, the bingo site is charmingly tidy and well organised. Powered by Cozy Games software, both its static and dynamic elements are balanced in such a way that you won’t get distracted by a multitude of flashy banners and all those other objects that would otherwise sway your attention from more important features like game schedules, prize jackpots and promotions.

Secondly, Mira Bingo is a dream to operate. No download is required, registration is easy and accessing games is a breeze. Players need only follow the sign-up instructions, select a suitable payment option, fund their account and voilà! It’s bingo time.

The game selection itself is well varied. Players can play 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo, as well as a rich array of video slots, scratch cards and super-fun slot machine games. That said, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy at Mira Bingo. What’s more is that, in addition to real money play, Mira Bingo offers a free bingo option that awards players real cash prizes. That’s right – you need not necessarily pay to play.

One feature that certainly distinguishes Mira Bingo from other bingo sites is its chat games, the players of which claim that they deliver an extremely engaging ‘feel’ that ultimately makes for a more genuine, interactive gaming experience. Add to that an amazing bunch of chat masters and you’ve got yourself one helluva a bingo bash.

And if all that doesn’t get you excited, then get a load of this – Mira Bingo can now be accessed via iPhone and Android! This of course means that you can get your online bingo fix wherever and whenever the mood strikes. So long as your mobile is charged and close at hand, you’re guaranteed a good time and hopefully, some big winnings.

With all of this in mind, it appears obvious that Mira Bingo is tops in terms of quality online gaming. So what are you waiting for? The registration process is simple and remember, if you sign up via Online Bingo Friends you’ll get a whopping £20 for free – that’s £5 more than regular newbies.    

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