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City Bingo Review

This one is for all you city kids out there that feel like you need a home in the online bingo world. Which is only fair. There are bingo sites for the ladies, for the guys, for the silver screen fans, the chatters, the gossipers, the donators and the singers. But what about the kids who live in the city, love how fast and colourful it can be? They need a place too! Well, now they have found that place and what a place it has turned out to be. Even if you’re no city kid, you’ll know that you’ve managed to strike gold when you land on the home page of City Bingo. One of the bingo world’s newest, truest sites, nothing is left for wanting here and everything is on offer. You can certainly expect to have your mind blown. First of all, signing up with City Bingo is an absolute dream. And it is a dream because as soon as you have filled in all the necessary checks and balances, you get to score yourself an awesome 250% bonus that is sure to make you feel all nice and warm about starting your bingo career of win! And that isn’t all either, because as soon as you make another deposit, you can score yourself another 50% reload bonus. Now isn’t that the niftiest thing? I thought so. Oh, and don't forget the £5 free you get just for registering! Now, on to some of the most important aspects of any bingo site: the gaming. First off, let’s talk bingo gaming. What bingo is on offer here? It’s a serving of the stat 90ball and 75ball bingo so no surprises but no alarms there either. That means you know exactly what you are doing, allt he time. Furthermore, you can also play yourself a whole range of instant games that are sure to keep the spice of life (that would be variety) spicey. And whilst we’re on the topic of spice, you can be sure that the guaranteed jackpots as well as the progressive jackpots are anything but boring. There are thousands and thousands of pounds up for grabs every month. And if that’s not enough to entice you, then this certainly will be. Expect promotions the like of which you have never seen before. And most of all, expect free bingo. That’s right! City Bingo has free bingo games being played every single day, around the clock, with no stopping or pausing. The action never stops and there is always someone walking away from the scene with a big smile on their faces. You can be sure that here, free bingo is truly given the reins. And the promotions centred around that just make the free bingo that much better and thus, at City Bingo, you get the full free bingo experience. There is one more thing. City Bingo is full of rewards for players who have spent a large amount of their time on the site. Play bingo and every time you make a purchase, you’ll be awarded loyalty points for your troubles and efforts. You can also score points by playing chat games, in tournaments or by referring your friend. The best part is that loyalty points can be redeemed for cash! Oh yes, at City Bingo, nothing goes unnoticed and everything runs just like it should. Definitely not a miss, City Bingo. The home of bright lights and big wins.

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