Lucky Numbers 2018

Bingo is a game of chance and luck. The game doesn’t require any specific set of knowledge and skills. The chances of winning in bingo are based purely on luck. In bingo clubs, you will usually see bingo players supposedly sitting in their lucky seat, playing their lucky numbers while they are surrounded by their lucky charms.

Superstitions play a huge role in a typical bingo player’s mind. If she doesn’t have her lucky charm with her, she will not be on a winning streak that night. According to a survey, 3 out of 4 bingo players have a good luck charm. If you’re approached by a bingo player in a bingo club who claims your seat belongs to her, you’d better get up and leave the seat to her quietly because you’re probably in someone’s lucky seat. There is also the issue of lucky numbers. If you ever win any amount of cash on a particular bingo number, you’ll probably be forgiven to think that it’s your lucky number thereafter.

Bingo clubs are full of players with endless rituals. You can’t observe these rituals in online bingo, but it probably becomes more prominent as there is no one to watch you and possibly think you’re slightly strange. For many people, the bingo night of the week is an important event in their lives and they will go to any length to make sure nothing ruins it for them. Bingo is one of the most superstitious games.

Lucky numbers are not an issue just in bingo games. They play an important in most people’s daily lives. We all claim to have a lucky number or a fortunate number which we use in the simplest tasks. Our lucky numbers become significant especially when it comes to playing lottery games. The number 7 is considered to be the most widely used lucky number across the world. The 7 deadly sins, 7 holy temples, 7 deities of the Goths, 7 dwarfs, 7 days of the week, 7 sabbatical years and the list goes on.

Some bingo players rely on their daily horoscopes and star signs for their games of chance and luck. The position of our star sign, our horoscope and astrology readings can play an important role in our daily activities. For more on this topic, you can visit the horoscopes page on Online Bingo Friends.

There is no science whatsoever to even remotely imply any truth in any of these superstitions, beliefs, lucky charms and so on, that play such a significant role in bingo games. Winning in a bingo game is based purely on mathematical probability laws and cannot be influenced by events and actions of a supernatural power. Of course, this will mean nothing to a bingo player enjoying a night out with friends playing a game of bingo in her favourite local bingo hall.

At the end of the day, 70% of people in England will not walk under a ladder if there is an alternative route! If it makes you feel happy and comfortable in your environment and makes you think that you have a better chance of winning the jackpot, then why not, go ahead and do your rituals before that bingo game starts.

Some of us already have their own set of lucky numbers. But for some other, it’s hard to come up with a set of numbers when you are about to play your weekly lottery tickets.

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